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    As you make an effort to learn and understand all the tools you can use online in order to grow your business, one thing you may have a hard time grasping is the value of comments. After all, it's easy to see how increasing your search engine ranking through SEO would help you to build your website and make more money, but…commenting on blogs and forums? How would that help?

    In order to understand the value of comments, you must understand the function comments serve for many who take to the Internet - and to a regular set of blog reading and forum participation - on a daily basis.

    One of the greatest assets the Internet provides to most people is "community." This is easy to see when you look at the great success of such sites as Twitter and facebook, but even before these websites came into prominence, people were setting up makeshift communities in forums and on blogs. Oftentimes, people are unlikely to be interested in something if they feel they are being "sold" it. But people are much more open to a sales pitch if they feel it is coming from someone in their "community" who is simply trying to help them.

    In the same way that a good salesperson is able to build rapport with their target right away - making them feel like they are talking with an old friend, instead of with a salesperson who wants them to make a purchase - commenting effectively can open doors of "companionship" that lead directly to traffic, sales, and an influx of money.

    In order to comment in a successful manner, you will need to find blogs and forums that A) are popular, and B) focus on an area or topic similar to the area or topic your site explores.

    When you find such sites - and when you comment regularly, adding valuable and relevant content - people will start to feel a direct companionship with you. This feeling of companionship will quickly turn into more traffic on your site - which will quickly grow into more money coming your way!
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