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    When you are running a website, you can face quite a bit of confusion as you try to figure out exactly what you need to do (that is, exactly what you can do!) in order to boost your traffic. You may have tried what you thought was everything - digging into all the SEO tips and tricks you have come across in your study - and still felt like you have come up short of the things you can be doing. And what you may have failed to realize is that commenting on websites and blogs is actually one of the best (and most personable) ways to boost the traffic on your own website! When you comment on others' sites, you will quickly see an uptick in the traffic on your own site - and when you learn how to comment creatively and effectively, this "small uptick" can grow into something much bigger.

    The first thing you should do, in your aim to generate traffic through comments, is to find popular blogs whose readers are likely to be interested in your site. Pay attention to these blogs for a few days, and figure out what time of day the posts are typically posted. Many bloggers either have a general time of day during which their posts regularly hit the web, or even have a time of day at which they schedule their blogs to post. When you have determined what this time is, you can make sure you are leaving one of the first comments on the blog post. By doing this - leaving an early comment that is relevant and engaging - you will find that a lot of the people who read the post after you end up visiting your site as well.

    Now, one of the mistakes you will want to avoid when commenting is making your comment sound like an advertisement for yourself or your site. Make your goal be as follows: To always leave comments that are engaging and relevant, and that could never be misconstrued as an ad or a "plug."

    Regular readers (which is exactly who you are trying to attract to your site!) are far less likely to visit your site if they feel you are trying to use your comment as a means to more visitors. But if you instead approach your comments as if you are truly trying to add to the thoughts of the blog post itself, you will be far more likely to generate extra traffic.

    And the best way to see a significant boost in traffic through commenting is to remain visible in the same circles. Think of it the same way you would think of impressions in advertising: the more often people see you on the blogs they frequent, the more likely they are to visit (and explore!) your website - and the more valuable commenting will continue to become for you.
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