• Headlines that Click

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    When you are attempting to grow the impact of your website - either because you are hoping to promote your business through your website, or because you are using your website as a means by which to make a bit of money - it will be important that you understand how to create "headlines that click." After all, having headlines that click is often the first key to getting people to your website, as they won't see your site if they're not clicking on your headlines!

    Too many people create headlines with no rhyme or reason behind them - and this leaves their website full of useless headlines that generate no serious traffic. Rather than falling into this trap yourself, make sure you understand (and adhere to!) these three simple rules for having headlines that click:

    1. Address a need

    All humans have five basic needs - physiological needs, needs for safety and security, social needs, needs for self-esteem, and needs for self-actualization - and when you simply create headlines that target these needs, you will effectively be targeting "clicks."

    2. Pack a lot into the headline, without making it confusing

    A headline is not much good if it is bereft of details, but it is also not much good if it is difficult to understand. Give visitors enough information in the headline that they will know what they will find on the page - without giving them so much information that they are confused!

    3. Create a "call to click"

    This will be much like a call to action that you would put at the end of a sales pitch, but instead of it being a call to action at the end of a sales pitch, you will basically be making an effort to compel each visitor to check out what the headline leads into!

    Learn to incorporate these elements into your headlines, and you will soon find that you are enjoying a much greater level of overall success!

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