• Headlines That Actually Work

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    In order for you to achieve success with your website - regardless of whether you are using it in order to promote your business, or are using it as a form of business in its own right - you will need to understand how to grab people with the headlines on your page. After all, people are unlikely to spend any significant amount of time on your page if your headlines are dull and unappealing - but as simple as this sounds in theory, actually figuring out how to come up with headlines that work can be a bit more difficult.

    There are certainly no "rules" for coming up with headlines that actually work - but there are a few guidelines you can follow. And if you follow these guidelines, you will discover that you are experiencing a much greater level of success with the headlines you create.

    Firstly, you need to understand that you must appeal to the needs of someone in order for your headline to appeal to them. This can sound broad and vague initially, but it becomes a lot clearer when you realize that there are five primary needs that humans have:

    Physiological: Physiological needs include basic human needs such as food and shelter.

    Safety: This includes safety and security in an emotional, physical, and financial sense.

    Social: Humans have a need for love, affection, companionship, and acceptance.

    Esteem: Humans also need to experience and enjoy achievement, recognition, attention, and respect.

    Self-actualization: Humans have a need to feel as though they are reaching their full potential.

    Once you recognize that humans are more likely to pay attention to a headline if it appears to address an innate need, you will be one giant step closer to creating headlines that actually work. And the second step is just as simple:

    You need to understand how to word your headlines!

    There are five categories in which you should attempt to make your headlines fall:

    1. How To

    An example of a "how to" would be: "How to Double Your Profits in Six Months Using Three Simple Steps"

    2. Question

    An example of a question would be: "Don't You Wish There Were a Way to Make Money From Your Couch?"

    3. Testimonial

    An example of a testimonial would be: "By Using These SEO Tips, We Have Quadrupled Our Web Traffic!"

    4. News

    An example of news would be: "Announcing a Great New Way to Tackle Email Marketing"

    5. Command

    An example of a command would be: "Make Money From Home - Guaranteed!"

    When you make sure your headline addresses one (or more!) of the five human needs while also being worded correctly - using one of these five categories - you will quickly see results from the headlines you create.
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