• Mobile Marketing - the New Worldwide Revolution

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    Perhaps the biggest mistake many businesses make, as far as marketing goes, is that they are slow to adapt to changes in the marketing landscape - assuming that the new ways of doing things are nothing more than "fads" that will soon disappear - and by the time these businesses realize that the landscape around them has truly changed for good, they are often too far behind their competitors to be able to catch up.

    The biggest changes in the world of marketing over the last several years has been the emergence (and subsequent boom!) of mobile marketing. If you have still been skeptical about the usefulness of mobile marketing, however, you should realize that mobile marketing is truly a form of marketing that is here to stay!

    Over recent years - beginning with mobile devices such as the Blackberry, but seeing a veritable explosion with the introduction of the iPhone - smartphones (which - among their many other virtues - equip consumers with a handheld Internet browser they can access from just about anywhere) have become the hottest item on the market. In fact, it is rare that you can go anywhere in public - the mall, a coffee shop, or even your place of business - and fail to see people with a smartphone in hand.

    Early on, it was assumed that smartphones were only for businessmen and businesswomen, but once the iPhone hit the market, everyone from high school students to retirees "had to have" a smartphone.

    Of course, mobile marketing began its boom at that point, but it has intensified over the last few years with the introduction of the iPad (and other, similar tablet devices). And in fact, at this point, more than one in every three American adults owns a smartphone or a tablet PC! This means that one in every three U.S. adults can be reached through mobile marketing, and this number continues to grow each day! For anyone who has ever thought that mobile marketing must be a "fad," this alone should be a wakeup call!

    The good news, however - if you have a business that has lagged behind its competitors in the realm of mobile marketing - is that mobile marketing (even for its popularity and widespread use) is still a relatively new field of marketing. This means that no business is so far behind that it cannot recover - as long as it takes the time to understand mobile marketing opportunities, and the ways in which it can cash in on mobile marketing.

    If you have waited until now to take advantage of mobile marketing, realize that it is not a form of marketing that will disappear in the near future - and now is as good a time as any to jump on board and begin taking advantage of mobile marketing yourself!
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