• How to Cash in With Mobile Marketing

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    With the surge in smartphone usage over recent years, mobile marketing has taken over as the most exciting form of marketing - giving business owners a huge, empty canvas on which they can leave their mark! In order to take advantage of all the innovation that has gone into mobile marketing (and that continues to go into mobile marketing!), however, you will need to make sure that you understand a few ways in which you can cash in with mobile marketing yourself.

    Although mobile marketing remains a fluid landscape - with preferred means of mobile marketing constantly emerging and disappearing - here are three steady areas of mobile marketing that you can target in order to make mobile marketing work for you.

    1. Take advantage of SMS marketing

    Years ago, email marketing became the "big thing" because of the direct manner in which it allowed marketers to reach potential customers, and because of the fast turnaround time these emails generated. With the emergence of SMS marketing, however, email marketing appears to move almost at a snail's pace!

    The average turnaround time on SMS marketing is an incredible four minutes, and the average percentage of "opens" (or "views") is far greater than any previous form of direct marketing in history. This provides savvy marketers with a golden opportunity to reach their customers in an amazingly effective manner.

    If you want to cash in with mobile marketing, one of the best things you can do is push your mobile opt-in program aggressively. Mention it on your website, in your store, and in your ads, calling it something such as a "mobile loyalty program," and promoting it as a way for "mobile loyalty members" to receive special offers and up-to-date notifications of sales and deals!

    2. Make your website mobile

    More people are browsing the Internet on mobile devices these days than ever before - and the number of people doing so continues to grow daily! Quite simply, if your website is not compatible with mobile devices, you will be falling behind your competitors every single day. Take the time to create a mobile version of your website, and you when your mobile site is ready to launch, you will find that the effort involved was a small price to pay for the payoff to come!

    3. Make it easy to shop on your site with a mobile device

    One of the best ways to turn a profit is to capitalize on consumer impulse - and there is no time when a consumer is more likely to make impulse purchases than when they are browsing around on their phone. If you catch a consumer's eye but give them no easy way by which they can make a purchase, you will be losing a golden opportunity, as they are unlikely to return to you next time they are at their computer. Launch a stripped-down mobile store on your site, accept PayPal to ensure easy checkout, and watch as the profits from your efforts start to roll in.

    With this foundation of mobile marketing underneath you, you will be able to continue building your mobile marketing platform - and will be able to continue cashing in with mobile marketing!

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