• FREE and CHEAP Advertising Tactics

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    People tend to complicate all the different things that go into making money online, but when you look at the core of online business, it actually breaks down to a simple formula:

    Making money online is all about maximizing the amount of traffic you bring your way and minimizing the amount of money you have to spend in order to do so.

    When you approach your efforts to make money online (either with a website that is designed specifically to generate income, or with a website that promotes your business and is intended to generate new customers) with this simple formula in mind, you begin to understand why it is so valuable to find free and cheap advertising solutions!

    The Free:

    There are two things you should remember when it comes to free online advertising. Firstly, any avenues through which you can interact with potential customers essentially function as advertising. For instance: if you have a facebook page for your business, this becomes a form of advertising - as long as you use it to interact with customers and potential customers. The same goes for Twitter or for a blog. Furthermore, you can comment on others' blogs and on forums in order to get your name out there to an even greater extent, and to drum up extra traffic for your site. And the second thing you should remember when it comes to free online advertising is that search engines essentially function as ad forums - if you can get your site to the front page of searches! If someone types something into Google, and your site is the first link they see, this will be more effective than any paid advertisement could possibly be! Take the time to understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization, move your site to the front page of searches, and watch as the results start to roll in.

    The Cheap:

    One way to advertise online without spending a lot of money is to run a PPC campaign in which you minimize the amount of money you are spending per click and attempt to maximize the returns you receive as a result. Even though this will bring sales your way more slowly than if you placed PPC ads with decent-sized bids, it will be a cheaper alternative to a more expensive PPC campaign. And if you want to get creative with your free online advertising, realize that one of the best ways to get people to your site is with promotions and special deals! Although you will "spend" a bit of money in order to run these promotions and deals (that is, "spend" in the sense that you will receive less profit than normal for each sale you make), there is nothing like a snazzy promotion or a great deal to boost the traffic on your site and bring waves of brand new visitors your way!