• How to Advertise for FREE

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    When you are running a website, one of your goals will be to boost your traffic as much and as quickly as you can (after all, your website will not be much good to you if no one is visiting it!), but one problem a lot of people run into is that they need to advertise for their site in order to boost traffic and make more money, but they need to make more money in order to be able to advertise…or, at least, they think they need to make more money in order to be able to advertise!

    The truth of the matter is, the Internet is full of ways to advertise for free - as long as you know where to look.

    Here are five ways for you to advertise online for free:

    1. Make the most of the end of each email

    Most people send out emails all the time, but fail to take advantage of the natural advertising opportunity this affords them. If you are serious about growing your business, you should make sure you have your website as part of your signature at the end of every email - and if you find yourself sending emails to a lot of people you do not know, it can also be useful to incentivize a click on the link (offering something such as a free ebook on the site, or a free report they can stop by and take a look at!). With an email signature attached to every email you send, you will greatly increase the traffic that comes your way.

    2. Get others to help you spread the word

    Include a "tell a friend" button on your website! Someone is much more likely to visit your site if their friend suggests it than if you suggest it, so make it easy for your current customers to spread the word to their friends. Additionally, you can use such social marketing tools as facebook and Twitter to recruit others who can help you spread the word about your website.

    3. Apply what you know about SEO - and learn about what you don't!

    People are on search engines all day long - looking up specific things, or even just typing in whatever comes to mind. When you use search engine optimization to climb higher in rankings, you will generate a lot of clicks from the searches people conduct. A bit of time spent on understanding and applying SEO will go a long way in moving you closer to the front page of search engine searches - which is effectively the same exact thing as a completely free ad!

    4. Put yourself out there in free classifieds

    There are free classifieds all across the Internet that people check on a daily basis (one great example is Craigslist - one of the most popular websites out there!). Throw your information up on these sites every once in a while, realizing that a bit of time crafting a well-worded and well-placed classified can go a long way in bringing results your way.

    5. Join discussion forums

    No one likes an "advertisement" in a discussion forum, but when you understand the ways by which you can integrate yourself into the community of a discussion forum, you will soon find that these forums are a great way to bring waves of new visitors to your site.

    The great thing about all these forms of "advertising" is that they each grow on their own! Rather than spending money on a self-contained ad campaign, scatter some seeds around using these free advertising approaches, and watch as these seeds begin to flourish - bringing more and more traffic your way!