• Why Digital / Brick & Mortar Partnerships Equal Success

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    One of the most important things for you to realize, as you pursue success with an online business, is that there is strength in numbers! When you join up with a website that has a large following - agreeing, for instance, to promote their products on your site if they will promote your products on theirs - you will be exposing yourself to a much broader audience. And when you team up with your customers in such a way that you reward them for spreading the word about your website or your business, you turn them into free advertisements! But while it is easy to see the positive possibilities brought forth by teaming up with others online, one thing people often lose sight of is the fact that it can also be hugely beneficial to establish a digital/brick-and-mortar partnership!
     There are two specific ways in which you can establish a digital/brick-and-mortar partnership - and each of these is worth taking full advantage of if you have the opportunity!

    1. Your brick-and-mortar store, and your own online presence

    If you have a brick-and-mortar store of your own, you need to realize that it will be vital that you team up with digital platforms in order to expand the scope of your business. There is only so much traffic you can bring through a brick-and-mortar store - and there is only so much exposure you can gain - but when you combine your storefront with a digital storefront (or with several digital storefronts and faces!), you will greatly increase your chances of sustained success.

    2. Your online presence joining forces with someone else's brick-and-mortar store

    Many business owners with a brick-and-mortar store have come to realize that it will be important for them to have an online presence, but they do not understand all the little things that must come together in order for them to achieve success online. Such business owners are likely to team up with people who already have an established online presence - taking advantage of this established presence to grow the scope of their own online presence. If you run a number of websites on which you promote various products - either through paid product placement, or through affiliate marketing - keep your eyes open for brick-and-mortar stores that seem to have a poor web presence. By approaching such stores with a proposal for collaboration, you will be able to generate extra money for yourself while also helping this brick-and-mortar store to generate more sales and more profit than they would otherwise have had any hope of being able to!