• Keyword Anchor Text - And Surrounding Text!

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    In learning about search engine optimization, many people who come to the understanding that anchor text (that is, the text that is part of a link) is important do not think much about this. "After all," many people tend to think, "there is really nothing I can do about the links that point to my site - or about what the anchor texts in these links say - so there is really no reason for me to learn about this either." Realize, however, that there are actually a number of ways in which you can have influence over the links that point back to your site.

    When you use social media as a means to build backlinks, you will often be providing people with the exact words they will be using to share your site!

    When you exchange links with another site, you will be able to tell them exactly what you want your link to say.

    And even when you link to other items on your own site, the anchor text of these links will be important.

    All of this is worth understanding, because anchor text is not the only thing that is important when you create links; in addition to the anchor text of the link itself, the content around this anchor text will also be important!

    Search engines are constantly evolving, and their goal in this constant evolution is to continually move closer to completely accurate assessments of the websites they are looking at; in keeping with this goal, search engines try to focus on content more than they focus on anything else while assessing a site's theme and worth. And because of this, the content that surrounds a particular link gives search engines direction in this area.

    In every area where you have some say over a link that points back to your site, do everything you can to make sure, firstly, that the anchor text reflects your keywords, and secondly, that the content around the anchor text emphasizes the same!

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