• Keyword-Stuffing: Positives and Problems

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    One tendency a lot of people have, when working to optimize their site for search engines, is to want to get things done "quickly." This is only natural, of course, as the great benefits that can come your way as a result of search engine optimization will seem as though they will be even better if they come your way quickly - and so, many people try shortcuts in order to influence their search engine ranking, hoping to speed up the process.

    One of these "shortcuts" people have a tendency to try is "keyword-stuffing" - which, basically, entails packing a particular keyword into one piece of content as many times as they can, with the assumption being that this keyword density will cause search engines to take notice more quickly. And so, the question becomes: is keyword-stuffing a good idea?

    One thing to realize, in taking a look at keyword-stuffing, is that keyword density is a factor in search engine optimization.

    Another thing to realize, however, is that search engine experts overused keyword-stuffing for a time, which caused search engines to change their approach to keyword density!

    If a keyword appears in your content on a regular basis, a search engine will determine that this is a central theme on your site, and will bump you up SERPs as a result. But if a keyword appears on your site too frequently, search engines will assume you are keyword-stuffing - and will assume that the content is not actually valuable, and is instead simply an attempt to influence search engines - and your site will be bumped down SERPs as a result!

    The key, then - when it comes to "keyword-stuffing" - is to always focus on content first! When you pick out a primary keyword you want to focus on throughout your site, think of this as being the "central theme" you want to focus on. In this way, you will focus on this central theme throughout your site - providing quality content for readers, and allowing this primary keyword to occur naturally. This will help you to succeed through search engine optimization - even if it does not give you those "immediate results" you might be craving!

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