• Small Business Solutions: The Three Basic Elements of SEO

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    If you are taking the early steps to optimize your website for search engines, one thing you should realize is that there is really no reason to pay anyone to do this work for you!

    Now, it is true that a lot of people will read that and assume it means SEO work is completely easy and self-explanatory; while this is not exactly the case, however, it is true that it is fairly simple to learn the basic things you will need to know about SEO - and from there, you can gradually build your knowledge. If you are wanting to get started with optimizing your website for search engines, here are the three basic elements you will need to understand.

    Keywords: Keywords are the words you aim to target on your website so that you will show up in search engines when people search using these same words. For instance, if you are a bookseller, you might want to target the keyword "best prices books [and the location of your store]." In order for your keywords to help you achieve success, they must be specific, highly-searched, and not too terribly competitive.

    Meta tags: Meta tags are the tags on your site that are not visible to visitors on your site, but are visible to search engines. These tags essentially give you the freedom to give search engines instructions and guidance as to what they can expect to find on your site.

    Backlinks: Backlinks are links from another site that point people to your site. Each backlink you gain is basically seen as a "vote of confidence" from search engines, and will help your search engine ranking.

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