• How To Identify Hyper-active Buyers

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    Hyperactive buyers are those categories of buyers that are highly motivated to make a purchase on your products because they are desperately in need of a solution to a problem they are facing. The buyers can be offered an upsell immediately after procuring a free offer or a product of low-cost, the hyperactive buyers are those ones that make the buying decision after being offered the upsell.

    They can be quantified through several methods, some of which includes:

        One-Time Offers (OTO): As soon as the customers have made a purchase on any of the frontend offers you give them, the next step to take is the proffer a product of high-value at a special or one-time price. This helps in complementing the original sale with the value of the products being proffered of higher value than the initial offer.

          Affiliate Recommendations: After the buyer makes the upsell/downsell purchase, they should land on a ‘thank you’ page where they can view other products or offers that can of value to them. These are common on e-commerce websites, software products sites and several others.

          Downsales: After making the buyer the OTO and they don’t go with it, the next step to take is to continue the sales process and proffer a different product with a lower cost but still of high value. This helps in letting the buyer know that there is an alternative to what they can’t afford but it’s still something of similar value.

          Bumps: This is an excellent way to promote an additional benefit or add-on at checkout to the buyer to increase your sales value. This helps a lot in generating more revenue in sales as well as optimize profit.

    All of these helps in building a system that greatly benefits the business. Building each and every one of these methods greatly depends on which works best for your company and the market you operate in. All of which are greatly effectively nonetheless if implemented carefully and precisely.

    Quantifying these hyperactive buyers is basically just trying to move them up through your Value Ladder where you proffer more expensive products with higher value to them. Paying a lot of money for products is something buyers take seriously and they don’t just take this step without deliberating on it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to pre-frame their minds about the value these products have in hold for them.

    Doing this right helps in securing long-term growth for your company, hence it's encouraged to perform split testing different blocks for all the offers you have to give the customers. By testing these areas, you get to realize which areas to focus your effort and resources on.

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