• How To Implement The Script For The Magic Bullet Webinar Registration

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    The Magic Bullet points to the main item of focus, the One Thing, of the webinar and the reason why the prospects are interested in the webinar in the first place. If they don’t realize the value they wish to achieve after the webinar, then they have the option of not paying for it.

    This offer requires them to provide their credit card information first before gaining access to the webinar. If they don’t cancel the payment within the deadline provided after the webinar, then they will be charged for subscribing to the webinar.

    How the sales letter is scripted matters a lot in getting the leads convinced about the value being proffered to them. You can make use of these tips and steps to structure your webinar to achieve an effective sales process.

    The first thing is to access the desires of the leads by asking questions about what they need the most. Make them fully invested and interested in what you have to proffer, this will get them to eventually make the buying decision. Desire questions should be presented to them at the beginning of the presentation.

    You can structure the questions depending on the market you work in, and in such a way that you move them away from the pain they might be feeling and towards relief or pleasure. And then, the final question has to be geared towards your product or service being the solution that they need.

    The next step is to introduce who you are and what the Magic Bullet you intend to proffer during the webinar entails. You should then shine light upon the frustrations they might have and structure it in such a way that you let them know you’ve gone through the same process before and you understand how it feels.

    This helps you build a connection with them because they will be able to relate with you in the same state of mind. Proffering the solution to their needs, which is the product or service you intend to sell to them, is the next thing to do. The solution must be of high-value or else they won’t go along with the rest of the sales process easily.

    You can detail how you got about the solution and how it has helped you a lot, emotionally or in any other way. You should also assure the leads they will be getting value upfront before they have to pay for anything. You then proceed to offer them to try the product before they pay.

    Getting them to commit to the webinar is the goal and since you will be providing value before charging them for it, they will be naturally inclined to go with the offer. This script is simple yet effective at getting the leads to sign up for the webinar.

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