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    Get paid $5 to try out the revolutionary software for free to put your social media and blogs on autopilot. Everyone knows that it's important to have a presence online through social media and blogging.

    News Poster by BizFire

    Social media can be a great way to not only attract prospects to you, but to also appear more legitimate in their eyes and blogging can not only give you a presence online as well, but it's yet another Avenue for prospects to find you. Facebook pages and Twitter can be a great way to take advantage of the social media side of this, especially when you can take advantage of their social and viral side of sharing, but they all require interesting content, news, et cetera, which requires work.

    Initially, creating a Facebook page for instance, is easy. You go to Facebook, you click on create a page, follow the directions, five minutes, boom, you've got a page set up. It's that fast and easy. Now, even initially creating a blog can be super easy with all the platforms out there like blogger, which is free. You can do it in just minutes. It's the updating them with posts that normally takes a ton of time. A semi shortcut is to, instead of having all your posts be unique stuff to you that you've written or paid somebody to write, you can post up links to the latest news pieces in your niche, offer short summaries, et cetera. 

    This helps you look up to date without having to spend as much time on it as well as helps improve engagement to get people to interact on this post because many of them are going to be by by news sources that are respected and media sources or leaders in the field in which you're working.

    So this can be very powerful. It still takes work, researching time, setting everything up, all of that, but it can definitely be worth it. Once you have an actively updated Facebook page, Twitter account and or blog, you not only look like a more respectable business, but you attract more prospects to you and to your offers. Years ago we started work on a very advanced AI project. We invested over a hundred thousand dollars. Then we hired the smartest programmer we could find in the country who's really, really cutting edge, advanced artificial intelligence knowledge was key to making this work. This is so advanced, we actually have a patent on the software and it does this. It researches and writes unique content. 
    News Poster; News Poster Reviews; What is News Poster; Does New poster Work; News Poster Review

    So we had a thought recently, which was wonderful. We tweak our software and we make some changes so that we can take this super expensive engine we built and piggyback off that and create software that instead of being so advanced of running any content where we don't need to do that well we just need to go and research and find news pieces that are relevant and pull out and write a blurb about those news pieces that we could do that and do that on autopilot without anyone if they didn't want to ever having to look at it. Literally we could turn on interesting informative news pieces going to social media and blogs on autopilot. And so we did that and that's what we're so excited about. Okay, so again, recently we tweaked this project, so now it's going to do, it's going to help find popular and relevant news pieces and it's going to automatically post them to your social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as optionally to your blogs or it can queue them up for you and you can just check which one do you want to post.

    If you want to review them before they get posted, you can do that too. Don't know it's not going to take over your life. Okay? It's just going to save you an enormous amount of time and thousands of dollars a month, so let me introduce you to news poster. It's an advanced AI researching, writing and posting tool for social media and blogs. Setting up news poster is so, so simple. I can explain it right now in less than a minute, you hook it up to your Facebook account, your Twitter account or your blog, whatever you want to post to you. Choose which things you want to post to Facebook pages or Twitter. You put in keywords that you want it to use to find what you're doing. Like could be survival, could be investing, could be weight loss, any niche that you want it to be in.

    If there are specific websites that you want it to use to pull the article and content from, you can actually put those into. Then you can choose whether you want daily posts or weekly posts. You can name the search so you know what it is. Click create new search and boom you are off and running, and then it's either going to automatically post if you want it to or you can set it so that it will queue the posts and then just go in and check which ones you actually want to have posted to your social media or to your blog. It's this simple and then when it posts, it's going to look like this. Just like a regular post, just like you went out, did all this work yourself. It's going to post right in your page. Okay. The couple here on survival, on investing, you can see these are from respected sources like marketwatch.com massive, massive investment site.

    So with news poster, what you're going to get is the ability to automatically update and post to your Facebook pages, Twitter and blog accounts. The advanced thing I that does all the researching and writing for you and it's an easy to use user interface to just set it and forget it. Once you set it up, it'll do everything on autopilot. If you don't want it to post automatically, you can just go ahead and set that up as well. But either way, it's doing all the work for you. So, so simple to use. So who's going to benefit with news poster? Well, anyone who wants to do any business online or offline. So yes, that's you. Because if you're watching this video, you probably have an online business or want to have one. You need a social media presence. You shouldn't have a blond presence out there.

    Botom line it's going to generate business for you. And when people are out there on the internet they are going to see your social media presence, not only that, they're going to see you posting all this content. They're really active, they're gonna feel good about you and your business, and they're going to want to do business with you. 

    So here is the best part!

    You can try out news poster for free. Yes, free! Not only that, BizFire is going to pay you to try it out for free. This may sound crazy, but because we know once you use it, you'll be hooked and we're willing to give you a little push of motivation with some cold, hard cash. 
    So here's the offer. You get 30 days of news posted for free, but that's not all. You get paid $5 regardless if you stay or not. 

    Try it, you're going to absolutely love it.

    News Poster; News Poster Reviews; What is News Poster; Does New poster Work; News Poster Review