• Advantages of New Media Over Old Media in Sales Funneling

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    Utilizing the proper media channels makes all the difference when targeting your audience for lead optimization. With the recent developments in technology and social media platforms, there are newer and more efficient ways of reaching out to consumers to inform them about your brand or business and the value it holds.

    Gone are the old and traditional strategies of media targeting which include newspaper ads, direct mail, television, billboards, and radio. Although, traditional media campaigns can be incorporated with digital elements to further enhance the effect of the marketing process.

    It’s estimated that are around 3.010 billion Internet users in the world, this means the general market audience is online and digital media channels should be used to achieve this resource. After defining the target audience, the next step is always figuring which platform to use to reach them.

    Choosing the wrong platforms can be a fatal step to take when strategizing for marketing. Resources, as well as time and effort, would only be wasted without achieving the marketing objectives.

    Using direct response digital marketing helps in turning prospects into leads. Every form of traditional media has its digital counterparts which can be used to better reach out to consumers. Here are some of them:

          Magazines  = Blogs
          Radio and Television = Online Streaming Platforms
          Print Ads = Online Advert Channels
          Direct mail = Email Marketing

    My Digital Genie; Digital Genie; Keywords; Best Keywords; Making Money Online

    There are a lot more new media resources available for use as well. They include social media platforms, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-per-click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing as well as several others.

    Some traditional media methods are still effective for some businesses, for example, billboards and print advertising. Hence, it all depends on which channels are effective in creating awareness for your brand. Performance is key, so evaluating your current methods along with your output from it goes a long way in optimizing areas lacking in marketing effect.

    The new media methods are inexpensive and revolve around the website, and getting a professional to optimize your marketing performance in such areas will help the brand you are trying to pitch to the consumers. Whereas the traditional media tends to be a bit more expensive since they make use of physical channels but could also be used to target a broad audience.

    New media allows your reach a narrower consumer audience based on specific factors, as well as track the progress of the campaign through data analytics. Marketing campaigns can be updated and adjusted more easily in new media channels compared to the old media where everything is static and requires changing the whole content sometimes.

    The more technology grows, the more new media channels grows, so tapping this high-value resource will go a long way in helping the brand or business because awareness is key to getting consumers familiar with what you have to offer them. Relationship with the customers can be better facilitated with these new media channels.

    Whichever marketing channel you need to make use of depends on your brand or business and the kind of audience it targets as potential customers. Both channels have their own benefits and can be used concurrently to help you reach your audience.

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