• Implementing The Script For The Product Launch Funnel (Continuation)

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    After showing and putting them through the first two videos in the sequence, the next thing to do is to then proceed onwards to the next video available for them. Remember, properly structuring all these videos holds enough potential to drive and convert the leads for you.

    The third video available in the sequence is:

         Video #3 – Ownership Experience:

    In this video piece, you let the prospects know what it would be like as soon as they have the product in their lives. Basically, this video is to let them know the value and benefits of what they are about to procure from you. How it adds value to their quality of life and the added benefits that come with it.

    Structuring it, you first let them know what would be achieved if they make a commitment to your product and what difference in value it adds to their life. Show them what it would be like if they carefully implemented a particular process correctly. You should then make a hint at the offer which would allow them to achieve that particular process but in the fastest and easiest way possible.

    Then, the next step to take is to create anticipation about the next video which shows them how to achieve those fast results.

         Video #4 – The Offer:

    It’s time to reveal what the offer is and explain in detail what the whole thing is about. There are three things to reveal next after this but each one must follow the other exactly like this. The first thing is to detail how the product works and what each piece of it does. The second thing is to explain what results should be expected and what they mean.

    Then the final thing is to detail to them how they can order the product and what they can expect after doing that. This last step is basically providing them with a Call-To-Action (CTA) and how they can get access to the product you’ve been talking all along.

    Remember, to persuade anyone to buy your product at the end of the day, it's highly important that you proffer content of value detailing what it is you’re offering them and how it works. Without this, your target audience will remain clueless as to what it is you’re trying to pitch to them.

    Product launch funnels can be used to let your customers know how your soon-to-be-launched product is beneficial and relevant to them. Implement this funnel correctly and you can move your customers up your Value Ladder effectively without a doubt that they would eventually make the buying decision.

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