• The Invisible Funnel Webinar

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    This highly resourceful tool is implemented in the middle of the Value Ladder and what it entails is a way to market your products or services to the prospects. However, the invisible funnel webinar differs from every other kind of webinar because of the way the products are to be arranged.

    Basically, it’s a premium webinar event you allow your prospects to opt-in with their card information, but they aren’t billed right away, and feed them with high-valued information or content. After the webinar is over, they have a time-limit on giving you feedback to let you know whether they like the content or not.

    If they don’t send you an email or reach out to you within the time frame before the deadline, then you can place the charges on the card provided to get access to the webinar. Using this particular sales strategy allows your prospects to test out your product first before they make any financial commitment to it.

    The concept of giving access to high-value content first works just like having a money-back guarantee for your product or service. This helps relax the prospects’ minds about whether they might be getting the worth of their funds. This works effectively in converting your leads for you whilst building a relationship with them.

    Depending on your business, you could use the invisible funnel webinar in a diverse number of ways. Either as a free demo program or testing out a new service or product with your existing customers. Whichever method works best in pushing your agenda onto the prospects can be tested using this funnel.

    Understanding how to use this particular funnel will help build trust for your brand as well as boost your sales, profit and revenue generation. Connecting with the prospects is key to attaining high conversion rates, this lets you build a connection with them first before they can make any payment for product or service.

    There are some prospects that normally wouldn’t pay for a service or product because they don’t know about the value it holds yet and are rather careful with their finances. This funnel is one that you can use to reach this demographic of prospects whilst showing them the value you intend to proffer through your services and much more.

    Another reason and one of the main benefits is that prospects and customers are always attracted to content with the ‘free’ term attached to it. A significant percentage of leads that come across this offer will always be motivated to check it out.

    Properly structuring the invisible funnel webinar is one of the best ways to optimize the middle of your Value Ladder and as the leads move higher on your Value Ladder, the more you optimize the revenue being generated.

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