• The Product Launch Funnel

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    This is a sales strategy that can be used to increase sales and conversions by pre-framing your audience and educating them about what your product is and does. The point of this funnel is to get the prospects hyped for the value you are about to proffer them on a specific date, and when the date reaches, they come prepared with their card information ready to buy.

    Basically, with this funnel, all you are trying to do is inform the leads about your products before they buy the product or service. This funnel works best for warm and hot traffic, the kind of traffic that is either product-aware or aware of your brand and what you have to proffer them. They could also be related to an affiliate or JV partner’s list, which at the end of the day links back to you.

    It also works well with cold traffic, because pre-framing is basically what the sales process entails and what better way to build a relationship with this kind of traffic than to warm them up with information. By the time they go through the sales presentation you have for them, they would have bonded with you and be ready to make a purchase.

    To build and implement an effective sales funnel, all you need to strategize to capture the prospective customers. There are several launch strategies you can put in place to convert your prospects and get them to make the buying decision on a product you are about to reveal to them.

    Such strategies include video presentations, email launches, or live webinars. Each and every one of these strategies requires proper planning and structuring, without which the funnel might end up being ineffective.

    The general concept behind this concept is you trying to build up anticipation and excitement by releasing content like videos aimed at the main event, which is the launch date for a product or service you want to proffer your prospective and existing customers.

    This funnel proffers a way to help you educate and connect with your potential buyers whilst motivating them to purchase the product before a deadline or on a particular date. Any business can make use of this strategy to generate and convert more leads into sales.

    As long as the real product has a high perceived value by providing content of value in the pre-launch stages of the funnel to get them more aware of what benefits the products have in hold for them. The product launch funnel is an event funnel, and for every event to be successful, it has to be properly planned.

    The funnel is ideal for high-ticket services like digital courses, as well as other digital products, premium resources, and other great products you might have under your portfolio.

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