• Using The Star, Story, Solution Script

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    This script is very resourceful in selling your products to your prospective customers and is quite easy to implement. The Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO) page where the prospects land on after subscribing to your mailing list must be properly structured to make it effective in getting them to make the buying decision.

    The SLO page is where you place your core offer and its content could either be a video or a long sales letter full of key points. This particular page is much longer and needs more valued content because the price range of the product being offered is much higher than that of the Free-Plus Shipping offer.

    The objective is to get the prospects to trust you and convinced enough to make the buying decision. This is what the Star, Story, Solution script aims to achieve. Your Attractive Character can be introduced to these new prospects using this script.

    The Star, Story, Solution is broken down into three sections, the Star (Attractive Character), the Story (the problem) and the Solution (your product). Here are the sections:

    The first thing you want is to grab the prospects’ attention. This is important because this way they can get interested in what you have to say. You can use a couple of questions to get the prospects thinking about the thing they want most of all. This questions should be related to the topics you want to talk about, that is the results they want to achieve.

    Try to talk about the problem they are facing, so it can raise an unwavering interest in them. You can promise a solution to them, which is the thing you talk about for the rest of the content. After promising the solution, you can introduce your star which is the Attractive Character (AC) to them. The AC is someone they must be able to relate to or connect with.

    Always start your story at the point of high drama to fully catch your prospects fully interested in knowing the outcome of the story. Nobody would be interested in what you have to say if you don’t make the content captivating. This way, you can present the AC in a way that they would yearn to know what happened to him/her.
    The next thing to do is to insert a backstory that resulted in that point of high drama. This means detailing how the AC got into that situation, where they needed a solution that the prospects are looking for.

    You can then point out what the problem is and why the AC is in that situation. As soon as you do this, you can reveal how the AC made a decision to change their current situation or predicament. This just means the path they took to changing their situation.

    The next thing is to show how the AC started making changes to their situation or predicament, that is, how things started getting better. The moments of success are integral in letting the readers know that it’s possible to have a change in the situation.

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