• Using The Star, Story, Solution Script (Continuation)

    This content contains the remaining parts of the Star, Story, Solution script which can be used for the Self-Liquidating.

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    After showing the readers the first signs of success, you should let them know how it wasn’t your fault or theirs that the odds were against them and this should be done through the AC’s story. This simply means letting them know the reason why they’ve not succeeded is not because of their actions but a common enemy blocking the AC’s and their success.

    The next thing is to show them how the AC made progress after realizing this truth whilst making reference to case studies of others who have gone through the same problem and had success similar to your AC’s story. You can also let them know about the hidden advantages or benefits that came with the product or solution you’re letting the readers know about.

    The next step to take is to end the story the readers are going through and introduce the product of the topic. Let them know what resources it cost you to create the product and how it makes a particular process easier as well as how much time it saves. You could also explain some benefits to them followed by the words ‘so’.

    Let them know what your existing customers have to say about the product and let them know what they are getting access to. You can build the value of the product by adding bonuses and extra features, but they should all complement the main focus of the product.

    Let the buyers know the worth of each of the benefits bundled up into one product and how much they would have to pay if they were to pay for each feature separately.

    The total amount of every one of those features separately should be higher than the actual price of the product. This lets the prospects know that the price is justified and fair.

    You can then reveal the actual price of the product which is lower than the floated price stated earlier. Guaranteeing the prospects and removing any risks or doubt they might be feeling is essential. You can make inject a scarcity feeling around the product so they can have a reason to close the sale immediately. Show them how their lives would be improved after buying and using the products.

    The next thing is to add a Call-to-Action (CTA) to let them know what to do to procure the product and each step involved in the buying process to get them familiar. Also, make the prospects haven’t made the buying decision feel like they might be left behind if they don’t act fast.

    Let the prospects know they need to make a decision quick which doesn’t make a difference if they order or not. But still ensuring them of the benefits they stand to gain if they do.

    Then at the end of the content, you can recap reminding them of the offer they stand to gain.

    This script is a necessary guideline to take when framing your offer, infusing your AC is very essential in letting the prospects connect with what you have to present to them. 

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