• Stay Out of the SPAM Folder

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    Email marketing can be one of the most effective forms of online marketing at your disposal - but if you fail to conduct an email marketing campaign properly, it can also be a big waste of time, as the majority of the emails you send can end up in your targets' SPAM folders, which will leave you with a lot of prospective clients who never actually see your message!

    Many people struggle in their efforts to figure out how to avoid the spam folder, but by following these four simple tips, you should have no problem getting your email into your targets' inboxes, instead of into the no-man's land of spam!

    1. Watch the words you use

    There are certain words that are more likely to be used by spammers - and that are therefore more likely to be marked as spam by an email filter - and you will need to make sure you know what these words are, as the list is lengthy, and many of these words truly might have a place in a legitimate email! Words such as "bonus," "prize," "discount," "free," and "guarantee" all risk exiling your email to spam folders, as do subject lines written all in caps, with scores of exclamation points following!

    2. Prune your lists

    If you are regularly sending emails to email accounts that are no longer in use, you are more likely to be marked as spam as time goes by. Regularly prune your email lists - removing the addresses that come back as "undeliverable," and also removing the email addresses that belong to those who have not shown any interest in your product over a long period of time. You will increase the effectiveness of your email marketing, and will decrease the likelihood of ending up in spam folders, when you prune your lists.

    3. Take unsubscribers off the list

    This one is simple: If someone unsubscribes, remove them from your email list immediately! There is no quicker way to end up marked as spam than to fail to remove unsubscribers from your email list. Make sure it is easy for people to unsubscribe - and make sure you honor this request when it comes.

    4. Test before you send

    Set up a test email account with all the major email providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail), and send out your email to these test accounts before you send it to your entire list. If your email skates past the spam filters on these three sites, you should be fine to send out the email to everyone on your list - knowing that you will avoid their spam box, and will instead reach your prospective clients directly.

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