• Whitelist Email Tactics

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    The success of an email marketing campaign will be largely dependent upon your ability to ensure that your email address avoids being blacklisted. When you are "blacklisted," your emails will go directly to your targets' spam folders, and from this point, it will be almost impossible to recover (after all, if your emails go straight to spam, no one will see them, and if no one sees them, they will not see your pleas for them to put you on their whitelist!). Because of this, it is absolutely vital that you know what you can do in order to ensure that your email address is whitelisted.

    Step one: play good defense

    In order to ensure that your email address is added to the whitelists of your targets, you will first need to ensure that your email address is not blacklisted! Know the things that can cause your emails to be marked as spam - such as using the wrong words, failing to remove unsubscribers from your list, and failing to regularly prune your list - so that you can avoid these mistakes yourself. Also, you should realize that personal email accounts will often risk a blacklist penalty if they are regularly sending out mass emails; in order to run a successful, whitelisted email marketing campaign, you will need to set up an email account with a server intended for business use, as this will allow you to send mass quantities of emails without incurring a penalty.

    Step two: go on the offensive

    And once you have taken the steps to ensure that you are avoiding blacklists in the beginning, you will want to encourage your targets to add you to their whitelist. While most people will not know what you mean if you suggest to them that they "add us to your whitelist," they will know what you mean if you suggest that they add you to their contacts. When you make the "unsubscribe" option easy to find and easy to follow through with (which is an important aspect of a respectable email marketing campaign), people will have no reason to not add you to their whitelist! Make it clear to them that they will want to add you to their contacts if they want to continue seeing your emails, and you will have no problem finding your way to whitelists all across your email list.
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