• Small Business Solutions: The Basics of Meta Tags

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    Out of all the basic elements of search engine optimization, one of the most confusing can be meta tags. While keywords and backlinks are fairly straightforward once you have a basic definition in hand, meta tags are more multi-layered, and are therefore a bit tougher to grasp.

    The easiest way to understand meta tags is by realizing that these are the things that visitors on your website do not see, but that search engines do see. These things give you the opportunity to "tell" search engines what they will find on your site - which can do quite a bit to help your search engine ranking.

    When most people think of meta tags, however, they think of the meta keyword tags - which enable you to tell a search engine what your keywords are. But while meta keyword tags used to be a valuable piece of SEO, this is no longer the case, as too many people mislabeled their meta keyword tags in order to influence search engines toward ranking their sites more highly! Nowadays - rather than focusing on meta keyword tags - search engines are going to put a lot more weight on title tags, description tags, and image tags. And all of this brings up the question: How effectively are you using tags on your website.

    Because of the fact that tags can be such a complicated thing to understand, most people find that the best way to attack them is by simply finding a tool that will tell them how effectively they are using their tags. Furthermore, if you find the right tool, it will also help you to maximize your tags with hardly any work on your part!

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