• The Key To Content: Quality and Unique!

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    There is a lot of thought that goes into "what the content on your website should contain," but one thing that you should pause and realize is: there is often no reason to over-think things as they pertain to your website! For the most part, your focus on your website should be simply that you are creating content that is quality and unique.

    In an examination of exactly what "quality and unique" content is, it is best to start with quality, as this can be different for each different site.

    The main thing, in regards to "quality" content, will be that the content you are creating is valuable to those who are visiting your site. But creating content that is valuable "to those who are visiting your site" goes beyond simply creating valuable content; this content will also need to be relevant to your central focus! As you create new content on your site, always do so with A) Your primary keyword(s) in mind, and B) The value of this content in mind - asking yourself as you write each new piece of content, "Does this relate closely to the site's central theme, and will it be valuable to those who read it?" If you answer "yes" to both of these, your content can be considered "quality."

    As for "unique," this is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, if you create content that is unique to your site (that is, content that other sites do not have), you will also accomplish the goal of creating content that others are likely to share. Secondly, if you create content that is unique within your own site (that is, content that you do not have elsewhere on your site), you will avoid penalties for duplicate content!

    Focus on your central themes each time you create new content on your site - making sure the content you create will be valuable to those who read it, and that it is unique from what can be found on other sites or elsewhere on your own site. In this way, you will ensure a steady stream of quality and unique content, and will continue to boost your traffic and your search engine rankings as a result.

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