• Understanding The Product Awareness Continuum

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    This phenomenon simply encapsulates the levels of awareness of the prospects when looking for solutions to the problems they might be facing. Understanding this funnel function helps you know your prospects and how to better reach them to let them know about your product or solution you proffer.

    These levels of awareness form a continuum that divides your prospect base into distinct categories based on exactly how aware they are. Ascertaining where the prospective clients stand on the awareness scale is critically important in establishing your presence with them because how you handle each of them is different to get them to purchase your product.

    The categories of prospects based on the level of awareness are listed as follows:

         Unaware:  The prospects that fall into this category are those who don’t realize they have a problem yet. Simply put, they aren’t aware of a better solution or way to fulfill their needs. They don’t know about the benefits your product might have over the drawbacks they are currently experiencing with the product they are using.

         Product Aware: These prospects are aware that they have a problem and just have an idea about what the problem entails but might not fully understand it because they are unfamiliar with the problem and the solutions they could use to solve it.

    The prospects that fall under these two categories are labeled as ‘Cold Traffic’ and need to start at the front of your Value Ladder where you can use a low-level funnel to entice and secure their attention. A low-level funnel like a Free-Plus-Shipping or Self-Liquidating-Offer can be used to convert this kind of traffic because they simply don’t know you or the solution you proffer.

    The next level of awareness is:

         Solution Aware:  This kind of prospects are aware of the problem they have and the solution they need to solve that problem. However, they don’t know about you and the product or solution you proffer to solve that problem of theirs.

    Prospects with this level of awareness are categorized as ‘Warm Traffic’ and should be put through your communication funnel. You can use your Attractive Character to build trust with them and feed them information about your brand and products. As soon as you establish a bond with them, you can start using funnels made for prospects that are in the middle of the Value Ladder and offer them mid-priced products. You can make use of an Invisible Funnel, Perfect Webinar Funnel or a Product-Launch Funnel to provide more information about the solution you have to offer with your product.

    The last category of prospects is explained as follows:

         Product Aware: This set of prospects are aware of your product but haven’t purchased it yet. Your competition’s offerings are mainly what they are used to and haven’t tested out your product out to know whether it’s the right solution for them.

         Most Aware: These prospects are aware of your products and know about its benefits in solving their problem at hand. They are loyal customers who trust you and are excited about your products.

    The prospects that fall under this last two levels of awareness are tagged as ‘Hot Traffic’. This kind of prospects needs to be led through procuring the highest level of service you have to offer on your Value Ladder. It’s advised to change the selling environment to convince them better and more easily. The High-Ticket, Two-Step Funnel can be used to achieve this.

    Knowing how to handle your traffic resource is key to gaining higher conversion rates and optimizing your sales.

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